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Wired called Trump 'Someone With Tiny Hands' because of a rogue Chrome extension

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Listen, Chrome extensions are a fun way to reinterpret the internet through a lens of in-jokes, be it one that auto-converts cloud to butts or another that "blocks" unproductive sites with aggressive motivational phrases. But they can also be a curse to those who publish words online in some professional capacity. Case in point:

In a statement provided to The Verge, editor Joe Brown affirms that "Wired did not intend to go on the record stating that Trump has small hands, which we can neither confirm nor deny, but we have located the offending joke Chrome extension and have updated the story to reflect the correction."

I'm not about to mock Wired — full disclosure, we absolutely have at one point published an article that accidentally replaced all instances of millennials to snake people — but let this be a warning to writers, reporters, editors, fact checkers, social media managers, and anyone else that might hop into a WYSIWYG editor with the intent of putting words up on a public digital forum: be careful with your plugins.

The article's author Jason Tanz is taking the error in stride:

And just remember: clean-up can be a bit tricky:

Update: Added a statement from Wired editor Joe Brown