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Google is selling the Pixel C for $375 to anyone who says they're a developer

Google is selling the Pixel C for $375 to anyone who says they're a developer

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Google is offering a big discount on its Pixel C tablet to encourage developers to start working with Android N. Google's discount knocks 25 percent off the price of the tablet, bringing its 32GB model from $499 to just under $375 and its 64GB model from $599 to just over $449. The Pixel C's keyboard remains at full price — $149 — but the discount means you can get the full package for close to what you'd normally spend on the tablet alone.

Google wants developers working on split-screen support

The discount is targeted at developers, but Google appears to be letting anyone take advantage of it. Those interested just need to head to Google's developer site and type in their email address; Google will then send a link to buy a single discounted tablet (its email may take an hour or so to come through). The website doesn't say how long the promotion will be running, but there do appear to be some limits on how many discounted tablets Google is willing to sell.

The promotion is meant to support Android N's developer preview, which was just released. The next version of Android is the first to support split-screen multitasking — a feature the Pixel C was basically built to show off — and Google is clearly hoping that developers will quickly update their apps to better take advantage of it (many already work, thanks to Android's scaling). Maybe by the time N comes out, the Pixel C will better live up to its potential.