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Smart breakdown of the Full House theme finds profundity in fluff

Smart breakdown of the Full House theme finds profundity in fluff

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Why do we love the Full House theme? And does the Fuller House update tell us anything about nostalgia, song covers, and the way popular music reflects the time? Tuner, a podcast that deconstructs songs in the zeitgeist, has the answers in its latest episode, "Here, There, and Everywhere You Look."

Full disclosure: I worked with one of Tuner's hosts. John Lagomarsino helped launch my own podcast, What's Tech. He's since left Vox Media, but we keep in touch. A couple weeks ago, Lagomarsino read my post about the Fuller House theme song, which included modified versions of the theme, removing everything joyful and pleasant, leaving a shell of demonic howls and groans. Lagomarsino enjoyed my horrific contribution to the music world, so I will take full credit for inspiring this episode, which is, I accept, a far more thoughtful take.

Lagomarsino and co-host Brian Barone pull apart the original song and the cover by Carly Rae Jepsen, then compare the bones and organs, analyzing what they have in common and what makes each unique. In the span of a lunchbreak, I became an expert. Now, my friends must endure my regurgitation of the Tuner episode before every Fuller House viewing party.