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Watch the Tesla Model 3 race around a track

Watch the Tesla Model 3 race around a track


The first official video is here

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Elon Musk just unveiled the Model 3 at the Tesla headquarters in Hawthorne, CA. He also shared that more than 100,000 people put a deposit down on the mass-market electric car before they even knew what the thing looked like. Pictures and live streams have been pouring in from the event, but Tesla has also just posted official photos and videos, including the one you see above of a matte gray Model 3 on a test track.

It's a short video, and we certainly don't see the prototype Model 3 get up to speed. (There's not even sound, though perhaps that's appropriate considering it's an electric car.) But it's a glimpse at what's to come from what will surely wind up being Tesla's most popular car.

The Model 3 will retail for $35,000 once it enters production in 2017. It has a range of 215 miles, and the rear-wheel-drive motor can propel it from 0-60 miles per hour in under six seconds. But those are just the base options; eventually, the Model 3 will be available in all sorts of faster, more powerful, and more expensive configurations.