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Rescuing a kitten from really high up might be the perfect VR game

Rescuing a kitten from really high up might be the perfect VR game

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In virtual reality you can be the person you always dreamed of. And let's face it, your life is never going to get better than when you're rescuing kittens from a wobbly plank halfway up a skyscraper. Imagine the sense of achievement; of saving a tiny furball of pure goodness from an unthinkable fate. You'll be a goddamn hero.

This is the endorphin-high promised by Japanese games company Bandai Namco. The firm is putting on a show of virtual reality demos in Tokyo from April 15th, and one of them (as you can see in the video above) is all about rescuing cats — using a plank and a toy kitten as props.

Be the kitten-rescuing hero you always dreamed you'd be

We're not sure if the people in the video are actors or members of the public, but they do look genuinely terrified. And we've seen before that VR can do a good job of tricking people into thinking they're about to fall to their deaths. Adding in the kitten-rescuing element is just the icing on the cake.

The demo uses a HTC Vive, but we're not sure if Bandai Namco has any plans to release the demo to the public. Perhaps it'll be the next big thing to hit Japanese arcades instead. Either way, we're definitely going to head down the show later this month to rescue some kittens ourselves.

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