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'Fight Like Hell' Doom trailer delivers big guns and demons, but hardly any gore

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Trying to recapture the spirit of '93

The reboot of the Doom series is coming next month, and a new live-action teaser trailer is here to try and get you in the mood. As publisher Bethesda notes, it's got all the elements you'd expect from a Doom title: non-stop combat, big demons, and lots of high-powered guns. Call it the unholy trinity if you like, with the whole thing set to a slice of classic thrashcore — Swedish punk band Refused's "New Noise."

However, the trailer has still been carefully composed to keep it free of any actual blood, guts, or gore. And if anything defined the original Doom and its 1994 sequel, it's graphic violence. (2004's Doom 3 was arguably more about horror elements than gore.) Still, it's better than the actual Doom movie, even if calling it "live-action" seems a bit of a stretch considering the most of the clip is taken up by CGI demons. Doom launches on May 13th and is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.