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LG's mildly disingenuous G5 ad stars infinity Jason Stathams

LG's mildly disingenuous G5 ad stars infinity Jason Stathams


It's weirdly endearing

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LG's new ad for the G5 smartphone brings to life that classic thought-experiment: what if the world was populated entirely by Jason Stathams? The ad shows Stathams starting fights on the subway, a Statham wearing a Statham mask robbing a bank staffed by Stathams, and even a bewigged Statham riding on top of a charging herd of bulls and wielding a pair of fire extinguishers. All of which leads the viewer to one simple question: is this an accurate portrayal of the G5's modular abilities?

When you swap the G5's modules, the phone reboots

Well, no, obviously no one is asking this after watching LG's ad. But that might be the intention. As we've pointed out before, the company's marketing glosses over how you actually use the G5. Every time users swap in one of the handset's modular elements, they have to wait for the phone to reboot. But the ad shows various Stathams clipping in the G5's audio and camera modules and using the G5 instantly, with only a single line of small-print noting: "Dramatization: a battery change requires the phone to be turned on manually."

It's not the biggest lie in marketing, sure, but it's not 100 percent honest. If the modules cause so much trouble, then LG might be better-served selling the G5 on its merits just as a phone. This aside, though, it's a pretty great spot: funny, memorable, and full of Jason Stathams.

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