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What were your first iPhone and iPad apps?

What were your first iPhone and iPad apps?

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Apple turned 40 today — and the iOS App Store turned seven years, nine months, and about three weeks. It's not exactly the same round number, but it did get me thinking about my years and years of really odd downloads. So I decided to look back at my purchase history.


As I wrote earlier, a vast majority of my downloads, especially early on, have long been forgotten. Some are still being supported (e.g. Facebook, Yelp, and Flixster), while others represent weird moments in both the App Store's history and my own (e.g. an app that says "That's What She Said" when you push a big red button — with instructions on the appropriate time to push the button). When I got my first iPhone (a 3G in late 2009), in-app purchases had yet to be introduced, so most games were released as separate premium and free / "Lite" versions.

So... CRYSTAL DEFENDERS Lite, the free version of a tower defense-style game made but with Final Fantasy characters, is still available for download, although it was last updated August 2012. Crazy Penguin Catapult FREE, alas, is not.To be fair, some of the best iPhones games were made during the early days. I did not, however, own any of those until much later.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, take a moment and hop into the App Store, open up the Purchased tag (found under Updates on the iPhone), and then scroll as far down as you can go. And then let me know what your app store graveyard is filled with.

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