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Actor Michael B. Jordan makes fun of Kobe Bryant in latest Apple TV ad

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Apple is turning to star power — once again — to sell its latest products. This time, it's none other than NBA star Kobe Bryant and actor Michael B. Jordan demonstrating just what the company's new Apple TV can do. The two are purportedly in Bryant's trailer discussing a possible biopic on the legendary Laker, and Kobe wants to inspire the young actor with clips of himself in his prime. Jordan has a different idea for the role, however, and turns to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to draw inspiration for playing Bryant as a man fighting off the ravages of time (Kobe has announced plans to retire at the end of this season).

Of course, it's all just good fun in the name of selling Apple TVs and demonstrating the streamer's Siri capabilities. And it's just the latest Apple spot that highlights celebrities using its products: we've recently seen ads with the Cookie Monster, Taylor Swift, Aubrey Plaza, and Jamie Foxx, to name a few. If this ad has piqued your interest, be sure to check our review of the set-top box: it may not be "the future of TV," as Apple claims, but it is a nice streamer.

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