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You can buy a fake amphibious Lambo for just $27,000 on eBay right now

You can buy a fake amphibious Lambo for just $27,000 on eBay right now

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It's well known that we at The Verge are bigs fans of sick Lambos. And for that reason, this heavily modified replica Lamborghini Countach poses a bit of a conundrum. Can a car that isn't technically a Lamborghini (but very much looks like one) still be declared sick? And what if said Lambo isn't just a regular street-driving car, but capable of water-driving, too? Can a fake amphibious Lambo be sick on both land and water?

After careful consideration, we've concluded the answer is "yes" — especially if that Lambo is for sale on eBay right now for under $27,000.

The car in question was built by Mike Ryan of SeaRoader, a specialist engineering firm based in the UK that sells kits to convert regular cars into amphibious vehicles. The company also does custom jobs for film and TV (including a trio of cars for Top Gear), and the Z1A Lamborghini Countach was apparently one of these. The car's eBay listing says it has made many TV appearances, and was even shipped over to Hollywood for "various filming duties."

Amphibious Z1A Lamborghini


Here's an excerpt from the listing (quoting, apparently, someone else's writeup), complete with original eBay-style punctuation: "On the road this ‘Super car’ looks just that, with no clues as to its amazing capabilities or as ‘AUTO EXPRESS’ said. "For your eyes only – a 150mph amphibious car 007 would kill for"….." But then drive it straight into the water…engage the props… switch on the suspension hydraulics…the hydrofoil…switch on the smoke ejector for effect…then power off… it just defies all belief…Truly awesome…..""

The car needs a bit of work before it's ready to use again ("The seats have gone AWOL!!??" says the listing), but Ryan claims it's basically roadworthy and seaworthy. "It will need a major service before driving and swimming," he writes, "but oh, will it be so worthwhile!" It may not be as cool as James Bond's submarine car, but it's certainly more affordable, and in case you weren't sold on the Z1A, here's the icing on the cake: "An adventure series on this crime busting Super Car has been partially written for kids and the Police in Gloucestershire were right behind it!"