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Remix OS could make Nexus tablets live up to their potential

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Get an Android desktop on your tablet

HTC Nexus 9

Remix OS has quickly gained a well-deserved cult following, thanks to its clever way of taking the Android OS and making it work a little bit more like a desktop OS. It offers proper windows, a browse-able file system, keyboard shortcuts, and full access to official Google Play apps. It is in many ways everything that Google ought to be doing wth Android. And now, as 9to5Google reports, it's available for Google's own tablets, the Nexus 9 and Nexus 10.

Putting a desktop OS on a tablet is one of those Bad Ideas that we would normally scoff at, but given the state of Android on tablets (at least until the split-screen and possible multi-window versions come later this year), any progress seems like good progress. And if you have a Nexus 9 or 10, there's a decent chance it's sitting in a drawer anyway, so loading up a fresh UI on it might be a good way to give it a second life.

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