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We fixed the Game of Thrones trailer for you

We fixed the Game of Thrones trailer for you


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There's just nothing like the pure joy that I feel when I hear that there's a new Game of Thrones trailer circulating the internet. Any "important" work that I'm doing comes to a halt at once, so I can immediately watch the footage frame by frame to puzzle out what to expect for next season. As a book reader, it's important that I reconcile the changes the show is making to the text, and if any of my favorite characters will at last make an appearance this year (long live LSH).

But my efforts to decode today's trailer were immediately thwarted by the filmmakers' lack of ISO.

It’s a problem that Game of Thrones footage has had before. How can you figure out what the hell is going on when you can't see anything? Sure, I understand that Game of Thrones is dark and grim, but that doesn't have to be a literal interpretation. Give the people what they want — exposure.

After complaining about the poorly lit frames for a while, we remembered that The Verge is a media site with access to video editing software. Thanks to the efforts of our video director Tom Connors, we present to you the fixed Game of Thrones trailer above. Now, it's bright enough so that you can finally identify the strange, scraggly woman standing behind that guy in the foreground (spoiler: it's Margaery).