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Apple grabs more celebrities for a new series of Apple Watch ads

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Apple just put out a new series of Apple Watch ads, and while they're in the same style as last run, they go much heavier on celebrity appearances. This time around they feature Nick Jonas, Alice Cooper, Jon Batiste, and another appearance from Chloë Sevigny. Each of the 15-second spots focuses on a single app or feature — a spot called Rain highlights the app Dark Sky, which is easily one of the best reasons to own an Apple Watch.

Apple has been running a number of different ad styles lately, ranging from these stylized spots, to goofy moments with musicians, to slice-of-life stories with unknown actors. We've seen Apple shift more and more to featuring celebrities over the past several years, so the use of recognizable faces here is by no means surprising. But it certainly suggests that Apple thinks it's helpful for a product like the Watch, which is a lot harder to explain (and sell) than a product everyone knows like the iPhone.