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JBL's new noise-canceling headphones are powered by USB-C

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JBL has announced a new set of noise-canceling in-ear headphones that do not rely on a dedicated battery pack. Rather, the new headphones feature a USB Type-C connection, which draws power as well as audio from the host device, such as the new HTC 10 smartphone.

The Reflect Aware C are sweat proof and come with ergonomic ear tips, which are designed to keep the headphones inserted during vigorous activity. The noise-canceling feature is adjustable, and there is an in-line remote with volume control and microphone. The headphones are powered by a 14.8mm driver.

JBL, which is announcing the new headphones alongside HTC's announcement of the 10 smartphone, has not yet revealed when the Reflect Aware C will be available or how much they will cost when they arrive. Chances are, these won't be the only USB-C in-ear headphones to arrive this year.

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