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HTC has upgraded its cool see-through case for the 10

HTC has upgraded its cool see-through case for the 10


Goodbye Dot View, hello Ice View

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For the past couple of years, HTC has offered a cool-looking case for its flagship smartphones called the Dot View. The Dot View had a matrix of see-through dots that displayed information such as the clock, weather, and notifications when the case was closed. For the new 10, HTC has upgraded the Dot View to the Ice View, a new case that accomplishes much the same purpose, but allows for a couple of new tricks.

The Ice View case does away with the dot matrix pattern for a semi-transparent pane that the 10's screen can shine through. As a result, text and images displayed on the case are much higher resolution and have a greater variety of color. The case can show notifications, weather, time, music controls, and you can even open the camera and take a picture while the case is closed, something the Dot View case could never accomplish.


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The Ice View case will be available in black or blue for $49.99 alongside the 10 when the phone ships next month.

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