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Microsoft reveals new luxurious Surface Signature Type Cover

Microsoft reveals new luxurious Surface Signature Type Cover

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Microsoft is introducing a "signature" Surface Type Cover today. Like existing keyboards for the Surface Pro 4, the latest signature edition includes a big glass trackpad and better spacing between the keys, but its selling point is the luxurious Alcantara material Microsoft is using. Alcantara fabric is often used by headphones manufacturers for a soft and comfortable fit, but Microsoft is using it to cover its latest Surface keyboard.

It's clear the software maker is making a fashion play here, describing the material as "unlike anything you've ever experienced," and a "beauty to hold and behold." A video announcing the new Signature Surface Type Cover positions it as a "luxury" keyboard thanks to the Italian textile, and it feels similar to the type of promo you'd see Apple's Jony Ive participate in. Microsoft has opted for a two-tone grey style that should grow darker over time, to compliment the color of the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft is making the signature cover available in stores today for $159.99, which is still $10 cheaper than Apple's own "smart" iPad Pro keyboard.

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