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Airmail's ever-capable email app is now available on the iPad

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With split-screen multitasking and more


Airmail has been one of the better email clients for Mac for years, offering a ton of features to help you burn through your inbox. This February, the company released its first iOS app, but only for the iPhone and Apple Watch, and now, with version 1.1 Airmail iOS, the app is coming to the iPad, too. The updated app offers support for a whole bunch of features including: split-screen, multitasking, read receipts, scheduled emails, keyboard shortcuts, and Touch ID security.

As we pointed out with our writeup of Airmail 1.0 for iOS, this is an app that doesn't have just a single gimmick to help you manage your email, but offers options, options, and more options. It's probably not best for casual email users, but for people who spend so much time in their inbox it feels like they should be paying rent, it gives you the choice to manage your messages how you like. Support for iPad is a logical step forward, and split-screen mode is very welcome for lighting up inboxes on-the-go. The app is available for $4.99 from the App Store.