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This impressive controller performance zigzags across video game history

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At face value, this video from The KlingDing is just another charming chip-tune remix made slightly more impressive by its live performance. Consider the combination of classic games and current hardware, and the video transforms into a Matryoshka doll of video game history.

The game footage, taken from Super Mario Bros. on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System and Tetris, Pokemon, and Kirby on the Nintendo Gameboy, is being played on an early model iPad. The music — an emulation of the PSG sound chips of the 1980s — is performed with controllers from video game consoles of the mid-2000s.

And the video is published on YouTube, which now hosts YouTube Gaming to compete with Twitch, a streaming service through which millions of people watch strangers play modern and classic video games alike, including a fish that once played Pokemon, which is featured in this video.

I enjoy this about video game culture, how a cute fan-made video can effortlessly be in conversation with four decades of the culture that inspired it.