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New 3DS LL is a perfect Super Famicom homage

New 3DS LL is a perfect Super Famicom homage


Now available for preorder in Japan

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Nintendo has a new skin for the 3DS LL that replicates the classic Super Famicom aesthetic, down to the packaging. The graphic on the back of the system looks like the top of a Super Famicom — the original Japanese version of what most of us know as Super Nintendo — including fake power, reset, and eject buttons. The front of the 3DS is a little more subdued, but the face buttons are colored in the classic Famicom green, blue, red, and yellow. The box is probably the best part, with an iconic line drawing of the 3DS and the original Super Famicom logo.

It's all nostalgia, it's not like you can plug your old SNES controllers into this and start playing Mario Paint, but Nintendo sells nostalgia better than anybody. This special edition is now available for preorder in Japan, and should ship in July.

Super Famicom 3DS LL