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You can now customize your Tesla Model X online, smallest battery bumped to 75kWh

Tesla has updated its website with the Model X Design Studio, the custom configurator where potential Model X buyers (and the merely curious) can check out all the different variations of the electric crossover. The base Model X now includes a 75kWh battery, up from 70kWh, which boosts the range from 220 to 237 miles. It also raises the price slightly, up to $83,000 from $80,000.

Naturally, the first thing we did was see how high we could price a Model X. With all the option boxes ticked — including the P90D performance option, multi-coat paint, 22-inch wheels, the Ludicrous Speed upgrade, Autopilot and more — we got the Model X up to a whopping $151,200; around the same price as a Range Rover Autobiography. Of course, the Range Rover doesn't have Falcon Wing doors.

Tesla Model X hands-on