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Facebook will let Vine and other apps shoot video profile pictures

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Facebook is making it easier to replace your profile photo with a profile video. It began allowing people to use a seven-second video in place of a profile photo last year, and now Facebook is rolling out a tool that'll allow video apps to make one for you.

Boomerang and MSQRD will also add support

Apps like Vine, Instagram's Boomerang, and Facebook's MSQRD will soon have buttons that let them send videos you capture directly over to Facebook, where they'll be put in place as your new profile image. Other apps will be able to support this too. "If you're building a selfie cam app ... you can plug this in seamlessly to Facebook," says Chris Cox, Facebook's chief product officer.

Facebook is calling its new tool the "profile expression kit," and it's being made available to developers of camera apps so that they can start adding this integration. It's a small feature — most of these apps integrate with Facebook in one way or another already — but it'll certainly make adding a profile video much easier than it's been in the past and maybe even make more people aware that profile videos exist.