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This gorgeous Aston Martin-designed powerboat is the yacht equivalent of a convertible

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This is the AM37, a new powerboat designed by Aston Martin and Quintessence Yachts for the Salone del Mobile, a city-wide design festival in Milan. An Aston Martin press release says the boat was created to capture the "performance, handling, comfort, and style synonymous with Aston Martin."

The entire press release, in fact, is filled with Aston Martin-esque buzzwords: style, elegance, luxury, functionality, performance, comfort, engineering, design. And why not? Aston Martin's cars are gorgeous, and so is this boat. There's a sliding deck made of three carbon fiber panels that can cover the entire cockpit, protecting it from the elements (and unwanted guests) — and it's remotely operated at the click of a button.

Aston Martin Powerboat

It's also sort of the yacht equivalent of a convertible. The rear deck retracts so that a retractable sunshade can move up and over the passenger area. It has a number of engine options, but the fastest version — the AM37 S — comes with a pair of 520 horsepower engines that push the 37-foot boat to 52 knots. A "leisure" version comes with a choice of dual 370 hp diesel engines, or two 430 hp gasoline units.

A digital control interface offers easy access to the navigation and control systems, including electric anchors, a retractable bimini (a part of the roof), and deck deployment, as well as the retractable swimming platform. There's also fingerprint recognition to ensure that only authorized users can sail. Aston Martin's "Q" division can help personalize the boat, too. From custom leather and stitching to underwater lights, a cocktail bar, and beds to lounge in the sun, you can make your AM37 unique.

Aston Martin Powerboat

"It is true that a beautiful, simple shape is critical to a product’s success but it must also have drama, which is provided by surface language, proportions, and through the choice of exciting materials," says Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman. "The most important attribute for Aston Martin is the language of design and we have transferred this language into AM37. The new powerboat represents the ideal combination of luxurious and technical materials, generating a powerful yet understated finished product."

Want to buy one? Reach out to Quintessence Yachts, Aston's partner for its foray into the yachting world. Price has not been disclosed. And this isn't the first foray for an automaker into the yacht world. Bugatti designed a $2.2 million yacht last year called the Ninette.