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Facebook takes on its freebooting problem with Rights Manager

Facebook takes on its freebooting problem with Rights Manager

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Facebook is attempting to tackle its freebooting issue with a new tool for content creators. Called Rights Manager, the tool allows video makers to set parameters that prevent copyright violators from lifting original content and uploading them elsewhere. The launch represents Facebook's first big move to uphold copyright, and should please users looking to build their audiences on the platform.

Facebook's version of Content ID

Freebooting is a major issue on Facebook's burgeoning video platform. Business Pages and celebrities like Tyrese Gibson are currently free to rip videos from other accounts, repurpose them, and pull in views, building their follower base in the process. The practice hurts creators who want to build their own brands, and last August, Facebook announced it was making plans to address the issue. Rights Manager, which resembles YouTube's Content ID, is the result of that effort. Even though it isn't available yet, anyone interested can look forward to having granular control over how their videos can be used and who can use it. Facebook is also offering to monitor videos and let creators report violations.

Launching Rights Manager will be in Facebook's continued competition with YouTube. Last November, the company boasted that it had reached 8 billion views per day. Making sure that creators' work is protected ensures that its video offering, which Facebook clearly believes is a big part of its future, stays viable.