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Will the G5 SE be the second Friends-compatible LG phone?

Will the G5 SE be the second Friends-compatible LG phone?

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LG has a history of releasing cut-down versions of its flagship smartphones, and it looks like the company is continuing this trend with the modular G5. Earlier this week, UK retailer MobileFun posted pictures of packaging for LG's official QuickCover case, which lists the accessory as suitable for both the G5 and something called the "G5 SE." LG has registered this name as a trademark with Korea's intellectual property office, and there have been leaks via China's regulatory agency of an unnamed, lower-specced G5 variant with the same screen size as LG's flagship.

Photos of the QuickCover case packaging. (Image credit: MobileFun)

All this suggests that the G5 SE is going to be a cheaper version of the G5, but the question is: will it be compatible with LG's Friends ecosystem? If both phones are the same size, this seems an obvious move. It would make the Friends more useful and encourage other manufacturers to make their own modules too. On the other hand, LG isn't exactly doing everything it can to capitalize on its unique ecosystem, and is even erecting barriers for third parties who want in. Even if the company does make another Friends-compatible smartphone, it likely won't be enough make the modules worth it.