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You can now apply to buy the incredible Ford GT, but you better be interesting

You can now apply to buy the incredible Ford GT, but you better be interesting


One of 500 for well over $400,000 each

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Ford just opened up its online application for buying one of the company's incredibly beautiful GT supercars starting later this year, and you can't just be some rando off the street. Well, you can — but considering that the company has only committed to making 500 GTs over two years so far, you're probably going to want some credentials going into this process.

To give you an example, here's one of the first questions in the application:


At the very least, you probably want to own a Ford. But the bar goes way up from there: you'll be competing against bona fide supercar collectors, "influencers," and Old Money types who "support Ford-affiliated charities. Best of luck. Not to say it really matters if you win: Ford notes that the GT will start in the mid-$400s, which is more than some of us will spend on cars in a lifetime.

There's some hope for us normals, though. Ford also opened its online GT configurator today, where you can cycle through combinations of eight paint colors and seven stripe colors, plus goodies like matte and glossy carbon fiber trim and several space exploration-themed interiors ("Launch Control," "Light Speed," "Re-Entry"). It's the closest most of us will ever get to owning the car, but at least we can use it to generate some sweet custom wallpaper.

In addition to the application, GT buyers can only come from a handful of countries (presumably where GT-certified dealers and service centers will be located) and will be assigned a concierge for a "personalized" buying experience.

Get to it, because applications close at 11:59pm ET on May 12th.