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Sling TV launches new $20 package with Fox channels, but no Disney or ESPN

Sling TV launches new $20 package with Fox channels, but no Disney or ESPN


Stream on three devices at once with the new Fox plan

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Dish's Sling TV is adding Fox channels to its programming lineup, but they're not going to be part of the existing $20 package. Instead, and this is pretty strange, Sling is launching a new, second $20-per-month subscription package that includes Fox's broadcast network (in select markets only), Fox Sports, FX, and the YES Network. Those come on top of Sling's other channels like A&E, CNN, AMC, HGTV, and Adult Swim, among others.

The new $20 package — available in beta starting today — can be streamed on up to three devices simultaneously. But here's where it all gets weird: this package does not include any of Disney's channels. No Disney Channel. No ESPN. For those, you've got to stick with Sling's original subscription package, and you'll still be limited to one stream at a time. "We are in active discussions with Dish about their multi-stream Sling TV service but we have yet to reach an agreement," an ESPN spokesperson told The Verge. "Our brands and content are best-in-class and would add unparalleled value to this new service." So essentially, Sling TV has now split into two products, depending on which channels you like more; but you can have both of them on the same account if you're willing to pay $40.

Keep in mind that you'll only be able to view live streams of the Fox network in certain markets. Same goes for Fox's regional sports channels. You can enter your address at Sling's website to see what's available, and I'd imagine the Fox side of things becomes way less appealing if you're left without the core broadcast network, but who knows.

This strategy, of splitting into two, identically-priced offerings, is definitely an odd one. Disney and ESPN were what set Sling TV apart when it first launched. But not anymore; Sony's PlayStation Vue, which also offers the channels, recently launched nationwide. So it's a good time for Sling to be offering new content. You're getting more channels, technically, and the multi-streaming option is nice — if you can live without those Disney channels.

Update April 13th 10:45AM ET: We've updated the article to note that customes can in fact subscribe to both the single-stream ESPN/Disney package and the multi-stream featuring Fox networks for $40.