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This troll is trolling trendy Instagram celebs

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We spend so much time on the internet that it's easy to overlook its strangeness. People with disorienting fake McDonald’s adventures can gain brief international fame. A Snapchat Story captured around a random California high school can lead to an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Owners of cute dogs can earn more than $3,000 for a single pup social media post. Weird times. But perhaps the internet is great because it gives us things like @bb_troll.

We forget how inherently odd it is to obsessively watch the lives of strangers, and because of that, we get swept up in the seemingly perfect day-to-day experiences of Instagram celebrities. They appear to have cool friends with cool lives who eat perfect meals and have perfect faces. But bb troll, a literal plastic doll, shows that anyone can create that same online presence. All it takes is a proper ratio of food pics, lifestyle inspo, and perfectly manicured nails. Maybe some hashtags and emoji, too.

Bb troll gets it. She knows the trends that garner #engagement, like avocado toast, crystals, and contour palettes. She is the people's Instagram celebrity, and we created her through our collective love for a curated aesthetic. You know the type of famous life she leads. A soft Los Angeles breeze tickles her hair. Her perfect winged eyeliner glimmers in the sunlight. She's preparing a totally casual photo-worthy brunch, and afterward, she's going to have a cute night at home Netflix and chillin' with a face mask.

Bb troll emphasizes how boring and predictable culture becomes when it's boiled down to a single well-designed online profile. And by being externally strange to see — it’s a troll doll! — we’re reminded how internally strange all of social media is. Or who knows, maybe I’m probably just being trolled by a troll and none of this means anything. Keep living that enviable life, bb troll.