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Snapchat now lets emoji follow you around inside a video

Snapchat now lets emoji follow you around inside a video

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Stationary, one-size-fits-all emoji are so yesterday. Android Snapchat users can now attach emoji to specific objects in their videos that will move, rotate, and scale automatically as the object moves throughout the snap. The update will come to iOS in the coming weeks. Make sure to add the emoji through the sticker button, as opposed to the text box, to get them to be interactive.




Today's update follows a complete redesign of the app's Chat feature last month. That update added more than 200 stickers, similarly to Facebook Messenger, and let users more easily start a video call. Users also no longer have to hold down their thumb to keep the call going. Photos and videos can be sent through Chat and shared during video calls, and users can leave video voicemail messages if their friends miss a call.

The update also changed how users watch Stories. Instead of manually advancing through friends' Story updates, Snapchat now automatically pushes users through their friends' Stories as they finish them. Both iOS and Android received those updates.

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