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Facebook just showed off VR selfies, complete with selfie stick

The end is nigh

At Facebook's annual F8 developer conference yesterday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about the evolution of sharing on the social network, from text to photos to video to VR. He showed an old demo reel of two generic avatars — blue floating heads with a pair of blue floating hands — playing ping pong and laser tag. Today the team from Oculus showed off what may go down in history as Facebook's first VR selfie, complete with selfie stick, a way to paste some semblance of your face onto this avatar.

This process will be familiar to video gamers, many of whom (myself included) have spent far too many hours customizing the facial features of our in-game characters. At CES this year The Verge team got the chance to put our faces in the latest Fallout 4 ame with some help from Intel's RealSense camera. A number of projects have leveraged the Kinect camera from Microsoft's Xbox to pull off in-game personalization.

Now we just have to settle on exactly what we're going to call a selfie used inside virtual reality.

Don't forget the selfie stick!