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You can use this pizza box to smoke weed

Behold, the Pizza Pipe

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The creators of an app that lets people order pizza with one tap have developed a new pizza box that can also be used to smoke weed. Developed by the team behind the Push for Pizza app, the box includes a cutout section that can be folded to form the shaft of a "Pizza Pipe." A plastic stand commonly used to prevent the box from crushing its pizza is designed to attach to the end of the shaft, serving as the pipe's bowl.

The box was designed in collaboration with the Nikolas Gregory studio, which has previously developed concepts like "poo jewelry" formed by the human digestive tract. The box is made entirely out of recyclable materials, and the pizza stand / bowl is made out of temperature-resistant white ceramic, and includes a carb for improved ventilation. Push for Pizza says the pipe has been tested and "should last a long time," adding that it won't burn "unless you are very careless with the flame."

"No longer will one have to search for a pipe before or struggle to remember the telephone number of the pizza parlor after its use," Push for Pizza said in the abstract for its new pipe. "Equally important, the pizza is in hand before the munchies set in, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience without the interminable delay of its delivery or the pain of gnawing hunger."

Tragically, the Pizza Pipe is only a concept, and there are so far no plans to bring it to market. But Push for Pizza says it may "do a limited time run depending on how well it is received."

Pizza Pipe