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Amazon is developing a drama inspired by Bob Dylan's music

Amazon is developing a drama inspired by Bob Dylan's music


And it's called Time Out of Mind

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The newest addition to Amazon's growing stable of TV programming is Time Out of Mind, a drama inspired by the music and writing of Bob Dylan. (The show gets its name from Dylan's 1997 LP, widely considered a return to form.) Lionsgate's TV division and writer-director Josh Wakely are joining forces for the show, and they've secured the rights to Dylan's music, meaning the show won't have to dance around all of the songs he's penned in his six decades as a working musician. Wakely has some experience securing difficult-to-obtain musical rights: he's also working on Beat Bugs, a children's show built around the music of The Beatles, for Netflix.

The show's still being developed, so details are few and far between. It doesn't have a cast or a premiere date, and it isn't even clear how the show is going to use and interpret Dylan's work in a dramatic context. Variety notes that characters from two separate Dylan songs could "wind up colliding in some way," but he's also written plenty of songs that could serve as fodder for self-contained, standalone episodes. The show could also end up looking something like I'm Not There, Todd Haynes' widely praised 2007 biopic that used six different performers to capture the span of Dylan's life. (Cate Blanchett's performance earned her an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress.) In any case, it could turn a few curious classic rock fans into Amazon subscribers by the time it premieres.