New trailers: Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Suicide Squad, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


Hi internet. Jake here. What's up? See anything good lately?

After watching the trailer for Rogue One last week and getting really freaking pumped, I went home and watched Gareth Edwards' 2014 Godzilla over the weekend. I remembered its trailer looking amazing, though I passed over it after seeing its mixed reviews… which now make a lot of sense to me! The film should have taken a tip from Breaking Bad: you don't kill off Bryan Cranston until the final moment. (Please direct all angry emails about me spoiling two things in one sentence to

Okay then. Summer's coming. Lots of big movies are coming with it. It's gonna be good. Like actually this summer could have some cool movies. Or maybe this November since actually that's when the cooler stuff is coming. Either way, check it all out. There are 11 trailers below.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange kind of looks like it could be the best Matrix movie since… well, you know. Marvel put out a first teaser for Doctor Strange this week, starting to introduce audiences to the newest character in its film universe. If you weren't sure how you felt about Benedict Cumberbatch playing a doctor / sorcerer, just give this trailer a minute — somewhere between Cumberbatch writing off chakras and Tilda Swinton shoving his soul out of his body, you'll probably be sold on it. It comes to theaters later this year, on November 4th.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

If you had any concern that Fantastic Beasts would fail to recreate the magic of Harry Potter, this new trailer should start putting it to rest. This is our first real look at the film's tone, and it seems to be reveling in the same sense of adventure and, of course, wonder that the original series did. The film heads to theaters on November 18th.

Suicide Squad

Is this trailer awesome just because it's set to "Ballroom Blitz"? I really don't know. For every beat of a Suicide Squad trailer that concerns me ("Gentlemen... *dramatic pause*... ladies," "Y'all jokers must be crazy!") there's another that makes me think it could be a roaring, fun, and appropriately self-aware romp (the *ding* when Margot Robbie winks, Jared Leto's glee at biting off the pin of a grenade). It comes out August 5th.

Game of Thrones

The latest trailer for Game of Thrones is basically just a short horror / suspense film made up of some of the coming season's creepiest visuals and sounds. Also a little bit of sex, since it's Game of Thrones and all, but mostly just creepy cuts, blood, and masks. The new season starts April 24th. (Oh, and in case you want a better look at what's happening in the trailer, go here — we've brightened things up for you.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

I suppose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 seems to be playing up its rollicking, ridiculous nature in a better way the original did, but I still have some very good questions about what is going on here: for instance, why does Megan Fox pull off a business suit and sex-tousled wig to then "suit up" for another mission by knotting her shirt in a different sexy way? Also, her sports jacket appears to transform into a cardigan. But hey I guess this is a movie about crime-fighting turtles so maybe I'm focusing on the wrong thing. It's out on June 3rd.

The Secret Life of Pets

It's easy to write off The Secret Life of Pets as just another animated kids movie, but it's definitely trying to be — and possibly succeeding at being — something a little more interesting. It's co-directed by one of the co-directors of Despicable Me, and its voice stars include Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper, Jenny Slate, and Louis C.K., among many others. The movie comes out on July 8th.

The Neon Demon

There are a lot of cool trailers this week, but I think this is my favorite by far. The Neon Demon comes from Nicolas Winding Refn and stars Elle Fanning as a woman breaking into the modeling world. The film seems absolutely gorgeous with an all-at-once dark and colorful stylized look. What's actually happening in it? I don't really know, but it looks like it turns into a weird semi-psychological thriller. It'll come out sometime later this year and eventually be on Amazon Prime Video.

Kaili Blues

I know I freaked out about how gorgeous that last trailer was, but I'm freaking out about how gorgeous this one is — just in an entirely different way. The film is about a doctor going out in search of his brother's abandoned child, but then things take a somewhat surreal, time-twisting turn. Or at least that's what the movie's description says, because all I got out of this trailer is that it's going to be beautiful to look at — which, really, is enough for me. It starts to play in US theaters on May 20th, starting in New York City.


Netflix's Bloodline kinda flew under the radar last year — at least compared to other Netflix series — but it's caused quite a few arguments in the Verge newsroom, which makes me think it's worth checking out. This trailer for its second season is tense even if you've never seen the show (in fact, it's probably better than any trailer that was put out for the show's first season), so maybe check this out if you're wondering what it's all about. Season 2 premieres on May 27th.

Green Room

I'm not sure why the creators of this movie didn't just name it Punks vs. Neo-Nazis because that's what the movie is, and I feel like it would sell a lot of people on the concept more than the respectable title Green Room. Anyway, the movie is pretty cool: you can read our review here, and then go see it — it comes out today in limited release.

Shin Godzilla

Have you ever thought that Godzilla, the gigantic reptilian monster and destroyer of cities, wasn't scary enough? Probably! I mean, it's just a weird puppet and / or digital creation, depending on the movie. All of which is why you should check out this trailer for Shin Godzilla ("New Godzilla"), which features the freakiest Godzilla you have ever seen. Seriously, check this out. Everything from its scarred, burning body to the slow and menacing movements of its tail are legitimately horrifying in a way that Godzilla has rarely ever been. It comes out in Japan on July 29th.