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Skype for Web no longer requires plugins, paving the way for Chromebook support

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Microsoft first unveiled its Skype for Web service almost a year ago, but to make video or audio calls you needed to download a plugin or extension for your browser. Microsoft is now starting to roll out Skype for Web without any plugins, as part of the company's commitment to supporting the WebRTC standard.

Skype voice and video calls are supported, alongside group video and voice calling. Microsoft is only supporting the Edge browser initially on Windows 10, but the plan is to allow all browsers to access Skype for Web without plugins once Chrome and Firefox support the H.264 video codec. While video and voice calling works on the web, Skype screen sharing and calling landlines will still require a plugin.

Microsoft has been promising plugin free voice and video calling for Skype for some time now, and this is the first step to enabling the full service on devices like Chromebooks. Skype for Web without plugins enters preview today, and Microsoft hopes to finish the roll out by the end of April.