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Kangaroo Pro makes a tiny, portable PC less tiny and portable

Kangaroo Pro makes a tiny, portable PC less tiny and portable

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InFocus's Kangaroo is a very small PC with an Atom processor and a battery for "portable" use — if you want to use your iPad as the touchscreen, or somehow have an HDMI display but no power plugs. The Kangaroo is kind of a sub-genre of those HDMI stick computers that started popping up a couple years ago, but the four hour battery and added connectivity makes it much larger and heavier than, say, a Chromecast.

It's a weird value prop, and it only gets weirder with the new Kangaroo Pro, which is essentially a new dock bundled with last year's Kangaroo model. It doubles the thickness of the device to make room for Ethernet, VGA, and a hard drive bay. The hard drive is sold separately, and if you buy the suggested 1TB bundle on NewEgg you're already at $310 and perhaps wondering where this small PC obsession is taking you. For the same price you could get a much, much faster desktop computer, or maybe a $300 Windows 10 tablet that includes a touchscreen. You know, just thinking out loud here.

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