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The Rock and Kevin Hart could star in Sony's Jumanji remake

The Rock and Kevin Hart could star in Sony's Jumanji remake

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hollywood truly knows no limits when it comes to remaking classics — even those starring the late, great Robin Williams. According to a Variety report this evening, Sony is attempting to recruit Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart to star in the studio's Jumanji reboot, scheduled to begin shooting this summer and premiere in July, 2017. Johnson and Hart, who just last weekend hosted the MTV Movie Awards, have already teamed up for one feature film: Central Intelligence, a buddy action comedy that hits theaters on June 17th.

Both actors are in high demand, so Variety mentions that getting their schedules in line for Jumanji could prove the biggest challenge here. Johnson and Hart are entertaining actors with clear chemistry when paired on screen. They'd definitely give the Jumanji tale a different feel than the 1995 family classic that featured Williams as its main star. It's really the director (Jake Kasdan) that might raise some worry here. His most recent tries behind the director's chair have been Sex Tape, Bad Teacher, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Yeesh.