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Beyoncé teases Lemonade, a special airing on HBO next Saturday

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Beyoncé is expected to release a new album any day now, and the singer just teased a "World Premiere Event" a week from now. Lemonade will air on Saturday, April 23rd at 9PM ET on HBO, and you can see the short teaser video above. It's truly a teaser in that it doesn't show much of anything — Beyoncé leaning up against a car saying "what am I gonna do?" — but it's at least a solid indication that her new album is imminent. Beyond the teaser for whatever this project is, she's also on deadline to release the album considering the Formation World Tour begins April 27th in Miami.

Since releasing "Formation" a day before performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, rumors have suggested Beyoncé would release her sixth studio album in April. As Bustle reported, the singer was rumored to be working on something called "Project Lemonade," which lines up with today's teaser. If other rumors are correct, Kahlil Joseph, who has directed videos for FKA Twigs and Kendrick Lamar, may be involved.