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I regret watching this video of a drone tearing into flesh during lunch

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We get it, drones can be dangerous — but knowing it still didn't prepare me for seeing this video of a drone propeller being hurled into pork at 33 miles per hour. The morbid experiment is the product of Aalborg University's Drone Research Lab, and the setup includes a motorized catapult, a hobby drone propeller, and a high-speed camera. The result can be easily guessed: the propeller cuts right through the pork flesh with ease. Since pig skin is often used as a model, and even a replacement, for human skin, you can imagine the damage this contraption might do to an unsuspecting human victim.

Unsatisfied by the production of just one gruesome video, Aalborg researchers plan to raise the stakes. "Once the researchers get more experienced, the plan is to upgrade the catapult for larger drones and higher speeds," they say. While the researchers note it's "too early to conclude anything," one conclusion can already be drawn: dead pigs are no match for drone propeller catapults.