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Saab's amazing gyro-stabilized fighter jet video has me craving Top Gun 2

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Top Gun 2 — the sequel to the greatest motion picture ever made — has been an on-again, off-again proposition for the majority of my time on this planet. Last I'd heard, Bruckheimer and Cruise were talking. We'll see; I'm not holding my breath.

But here's what I know: this footage recently posted of Saab's Gripen fighter has me desperate to see Maverick in the cockpit one more time.

To pull it off, camera mount maker Gyro-Stabilized Systems built a 5-axis gimbal designed for use at Saab's requested 300 knots (about 345 miles per hour), then slapped a Red Dragon 6K body with a Canon 30-300mm zoom lens inside and mounted the whole rig to a Saab 105 trainer aircraft. The system was used to shoot promotional footage of the Gripen performing a variety of maneuvers, taken up to 2.5G, and used at max zoom with seemingly zero camera shake. The result is buttery smooth extreme fighter jet action that looks almost surreal in its flawlessness and stability.

Seriously, if Danger Zone doesn't automatically start playing in your head as you're watching this, you need to check your pulse.