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Mark Zuckerberg is the ultimate startup bro in this wild 2005 interview

"I think Facebook is an online directory for colleges," said Mark Zuckerberg in 2005, sitting on a dingy couch, clad in a white T-shirt and gym shorts, and holding a red Solo cup filled with beer. "A lot of people are focused on taking over the world. I really just want to see everyone focused on college." These days, Zuckerberg is essentially posing as a statesman, which is a huge pivot from the barefoot, beer-pounding, "I'm CEO, Bitch" days you can see above.

This gem, spotted by Semil Shah on Twitter, is an incredible bit of time travel. Despite the connective dots we've gotten over the years, like The Social Network and Mark Zuckerberg's Angelfire pageFacebook's immense importance and power sometimes makes it difficult to remember just how much the company was essentially a Silicon Valley frat house in its formative years.

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