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Watch a stuntman do a terrifying blind backflip over a speeding Formula E car

Watch a stuntman do a terrifying blind backflip over a speeding Formula E car

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Stuntman Damien Walters backflipped over a speeding Formula E car ahead of the event's race in Mexico City last month. That's not a huge deal — people have backflipped over speeding cars before — but Walters was facing forward, meaning he couldn't see the car as it approached. The all-electric racing series says the stunt "will further enhance its reputation as the most innovative series in motorsport." I'm not so sure about that, necessarily, but it's a pretty unbelievable video nonetheless.

Here's another video from the stunt, behind-the-scenes video captured in 360 degrees:

Walters and a crew of 30 rehearsed by running a Formula E car beside him on the track, allowing him to experiment with timing to make sure he's backflipping at exactly the right moment. A clock visible to Walters allowed him to time the jump perfectly with the car traveling exactly 60 miles per hour. Needless to say, the stunt was successful, otherwise we'd be writing a very different kind of story.

In its second season, Formula E has proven to be surprisingly entertaining, thanks in part to a rotating cast of extremely talented drivers and teams. The series is clearly still trying to build hype to grow its fan base and audience, relying to some degree on publicity stunts to do that. Fortunately, this stunt happens to be extremely cool.

Formula E's next race is this Saturday in Paris.