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Taylor Swift is an emo queen in her new Apple Music ad

Taylor Swift is an emo queen in her new Apple Music ad


She rocks out to 'The Middle' in a spare, gigantic bathroom

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Taylor Swift unveiled a new Apple Music commercial through Twitter this morning, one that seems a lot less painful than her first bit of promotional material for the music service. She pulls up a playlist for "getting ready to go out" and rocks out to Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" in a bathroom that looks bigger than my apartment. It's a physically intensive performance: she's flinging her lipstick, bouncing around, and working with a library of dance moves that'll probably be familiar from your own middle school dances and house parties. It's clear she's recovered from the mortifying treadmill spill she endured while jogging to Drake and Future's "Jumpman" earlier this month.

Swift and Apple have cozied up to each other in recent months, rendering their initial tiff over royalties paid during Apple Music's free trial period a thing of the past. Her 1989 World Tour documentary premiered exclusively on the service in December, and it sure feels like her Apple Music ads are set to become a recurring series now that two are in the books.

Taylor Swift + Queens of the Stone Age = profit

And while I'm sure there's a sophisticated plan and release schedule already in place for any future ads, I think "Taylor Swift lip syncing emo and pop-punk hits of the last decade in giant rooms of her home" is a winning formula they should revisit. Did you see some of the other songs on that playlist? "Welcome to the Black Parade!" "Heads Will Roll!" "No One Knows!" Put Swift in a well-appointed foyer, crank the Queens of the Stone Age, and watch the subscribers arrive in droves.

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