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Is Amazon hiding Bluetooth features for the Kindle Oasis?

Is Amazon hiding Bluetooth features for the Kindle Oasis?


Imagine a Kindle you can connect to a Bluetooth speaker

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According to The Digital Reader, Amazon's new Kindle Oasis might have secret Bluetooth powers. The publication has highlighted a pair of recent FCC filings testing an unnamed device for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The filings were made by two different front companies (recently incorporated, no web presence), but the model names on the filings have been previously linked to the Oasis.

It's a tenuous connection, and even if the device being tested is the Oasis that doesn't mean Amazon will, down the line, release an update and turn Bluetooth on. After all, lots of chips come with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity bundled together. And Amazon might not want to pay the price to license the technology.

On the other hand, adding Bluetooth to the Oasis could help distinguish it from the rest of the Kindle lineup. The FCC filing mentions that the device was tested with a "Bluetooth Earphone," so perhaps the Oasis could connect to a Bluetooth speaker — that'd be great for audiobooks. Or, Bluetooth could be used to hook up a keyboard, turning the Oasis into a lo-fi note taking machine. It could be pretty fun. Now if only Amazon could make the Oasis waterproof with an OTA update, too.