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Tesla offering free month-long trials of Autopilot to Model S and X owners

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Tesla is offering free one-month trials of Autopilot to Model S owners who didn't opt for the $2,500 option when they bought their car. All Model S and Model X cars sold since late 2014 include the hardware for Tesla's self-driving Autopilot functions. But the software is a separate option that costs $2,500 at purchase, or $3,000 as an after-purchase add-on.

But $3,000 is a lot of money, so to show the value of Autopilot to Tesla owners who didn't buy it, Tesla is offering one-month free trials of the feature. It's basically an in-app purchase for a $80,000 car.

Tesla Autopilot Trial

And that's actually great — the best way to show off Autopilot is to actually let people drive it (most of the time). For Tesla owners who have a long, commute on the highway, Autopilot is amazing. After a month of hands-free driving, I suspect a lot of Tesla owners will pick up Autopilot, a feature that they'll no longer consider optional. Oh, and they'll get Rainbow Road, too.

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