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Tablet with stylus for artwork?


TLDR: What's the best sub-$500 consumer tablet with stylus (built-in or at least well-supported) for art apps like Sketchbook, Illustrator, etc.?

I had the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for over 2 years with AT&T and absolutely loved being able to write notes and draw/paint digitally with the included stylus. When it grew unbearably slow, I switched to Google's Project Fi because of price and coverage, so of course had to go with Nexus (I picked the Nexus 6P, which is just as large as the Note 3 but without the native stylus).

I'm really missing having a digital artbook with me at all times, so much that I'm considering switching back to a major carrier so I can get the newest Note (or just hope Project Fi eventually leaves what's basically a glorified beta phase and supports regular phones). Another option would be getting a consumer tablet with stylus support. My dream device would be the Surface Pro 4 with Surface Pen, but that's well out of my price range ($950+). I've looked at Samsung's Galaxy Tab A 9.7 with S-Pen ($300) and the only con seem to be it's not the newest product (and the resolution shows it)—but the newer, higher-res equivalents don't have integrated stylus support/storage. Other options are Nvidia's Shield K1 and separate stylus ($220 total). Or I could just get any old tablet (like the Dell Venue 8 7000—I love the design) with 3rd-party stylus.

I'm even open to a 2-in-1 or detachable that has really been designed with stylus input in mind.

Thoughts? Any good products I haven't mentioned? Why don't Samsung's newer products (Tab S2, Tab 4, etc.) have integrated styluses?