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Nintendo will live stream a Star Fox anime short this Wednesday

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After a decade-long hiatus, Nintendo's Star Fox series returns this week with the Wii U title Star Fox Zero. But here's something you can enjoy even if you don't have the latest Nintendo console: the company today announced an animated short that will stream live from Nintendo's website this Wednesday, April 20th, at 3PM PT / 6PM ET.

Star Fox: The Battle Begins has quite an impressive list of producers collaborating on the project, including Shigeru Miyamoto himself as well as Production IG (Ghost in the Shell) and WIT Studios (Attack on Titan).

For now, enjoy a 30-second teaser, which doesn't give any indication just how many times Fox's teammates ask for his help in the middle of a fight because dammit, Peppy, I know how to do a barrel roll just go help out Slippy, alright? Geez.