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Apple confirms WWDC 2016 will begin June 13th

Apple confirms WWDC 2016 will begin June 13th

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Siri leaked the dates for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference earlier today, but the company has now confirmed it — this year's WWDC will start on June 13th, and will run until June 17th in San Francisco. Details of the week-long event, including specific locations, schedule, and details of the planned live stream are now available on Apple's dedicated WWDC site, along with a slightly awkward poem about Apple's products. Tickets cost $1,599, but not every interested developer will get to go — as in previous years, the chance to buy one a ticket is offered at random among people who register for the event.

This year's show will start with Apple's keynote and State of the Union speeches at San Francisco's Bill Graham Auditorium, where the company says it promises "exciting reveals" and will provide "inspiration and new opportunities to continue creating the most innovative apps in the world." The rest of the week will be full of presentations detailing Apple's new tech, labs and consultations to allow developers to work with Apple engineers, and appearances from guest speakers.

Last year's WWDC brought Apple Music, and updates to both iOS and OS X. It's too early to predict what Apple has on this year's slate, but now that we know the date for sure, we can start speculating in earnest.