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Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air now comes with 8GB of RAM standard

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The Air's not dead yet

In addition to upgrading its MacBook line with faster processors and a new color, Apple today announced that the 13-inch MacBook Air now comes with 8GB of RAM standard. Prior to this, the base models of the 13-inch Air came with 4GB of RAM, with 8GB available as a $100 upgrade. The 11-inch Air will continue to have 4GB of RAM in its base configuration.

Eight gigabytes of RAM is largely considered a minimum for a computer at this point, especially one that costs a thousand dollars or more and is expected to last a few years. With today's move, Apple is making the 13-inch Air a little more competitive with other computers available in its price range. It's hard to say how much longer the aging Air line will still be around — Apple's hasn't updated the design of the computer since 2010 and it's been overshadowed by the new MacBook and the MacBook Pro line for some time now — but if you're still bent on purchasing one, you now get more for your money.

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