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ZEI° time-tracking totem makes hourly billing a fun IoT activity

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A startup called Timeular is building a strange new Bluetooth paperweight for time tracking. The product is called ZEI°, and it's sort of a cross between a Pomodoro timer and D&D dice. You can write different tasks on each side of the polyhedron, and then when you flip ZEI° to a new side, it tells your computer or phone to start a timer for that side's task.

Time tracking is a classic bane of any desk worker who bills by the hour — graphic designers, lawyers, programmers — but it's also useful for quantified self-pursuits. How much time do I spend on Facebook? What did I do today? How much time did I devote to improving my time-tracking workflow? Now there's a polyhedron for that.

ZEI° is supposed to cost $99 when it ships, but it's still a ways out — Timeular hasn't even launched the Kickstarter campaign yet, though it's already "closing deals" with manufacturers.