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Razer releases a keyboard and mouse you can use on your lap

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Originally announced at CES 2015, the Turret lapboard now costs $159.99

The Razer Turret lapboard is a combination of a keyboard, a mouse, and a mousing surface that's designed to be used on the couch in front of your TV. It connects wirelessly to nearby devices like Razer's Android gaming console, and promises extensive battery life. The lapboard is rated to last for four months on a charge and the mouse can do 40 hours before needing to be plugged in again. The Turret name stems from the storage method for this peripheral — which, interestingly, sits in the gaming controllers section of Razer's website rather than being part of its keyboards portfolio — which sees the lapboard folding up and standing erect not unlike a weaponized turret. The price of $159.99 is a fair bit higher than the initial $129.99 that Razer announced for the Turret back at CES 2015, but after many months of design development and (presumed) improvements, the company now feels it can finally bring it to market.