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The rampant kindness of Nick Carter’s Twitter

The rampant kindness of Nick Carter’s Twitter

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Imagine if your social media accounts got no response from eggheads, haters, Gamergaters, "actually"-ers, garden variety trolls, or boys. Imagine if the only people who commented on your life were your mom and her most true-hearted, liberal-minded friends.

Okay, now imagine you painted this painting.

This tweet, I am embarrassed to admit, made me MLOL (mean laugh out loud) for about 45 seconds. I checked the replies only to see if other people had witty, rude reactions to it. That's when my mean old self got a good old slap in the face. The replies to this tweet are universally complimentary, steeped in empathy and love, and resplendent in their charity. I don't know who these people are, who love so unconditionally, but I hope we never meet. I do not think they need to be exposed to the outer limits of human brattiness.

See for yourself:

("nicknet" seems to reference, which is Nick Carter's website)

("the cruise" is a reference to an upcoming Backstreet Boys-themed cruise, which I would like to attend.)

That is just a tiny sampling from a fount of kindness!

Nick Carter, formerly of a boy band that some people love but that I have really no time for, (because I'm busy tracking the every movement of Harry Styles and his affiliates) is currently working on a career comeback. He has been touring in support of his third solo album All American (turns out this is not already the title of a Carrie Underwood album), hosting a series of elaborate meet-and-greets called "Appetizing Afternoons," and heavily promoting the made-for-TV zombie movie Dead 7, which he recently starred in (and wrote!) alongside 12 other former boy band members.

The recently-released second single from Carter's new album is a pretty catchy, nostalgia-riddled pop-punk summer jam called "19 in 99," which I am pleased to inform you includes the lyrics "I'm too rad to get mad / I'm rolling down my windows and I'm turning up Tupac / I'm rocking Tupac" and "I'm in my Reeboks."

Post-boyband career comebacks are always tricky, and they fail nearly 100 percent of the time (with Justin Timberlake serving as the exception that proves the rule). These are choppy waters that Carter is navigating, and having a vocally affectionate fanbase is a vital emotional support layer, as well as the first hurdle to cross to re-achieve relevance. While my wariness of Carter's personal renaissance strategy is probably apparent by now, Nick Carter's 588,000 Twitter followers express unconditional approval for every single thing he does. Here's a quick run-down of some things Nick Carter has done lately that everyone loves a lot:

Nick Carter is selling art in his newly-created eBay store, "Khaotic Art." Everyone loves it.

Nick Carter spends his downtime tweeting the link to his little brother's new single (which is called "Fool's Gold," which is already the name of a One Direction song and a Kate Hudson movie, but okay). It's a very sweet gesture, one that I hope no one would consider marred by the bros extreme political differences.

Surprise: Nick Carter's fans simply love his relationship with his brother Aaron Carter! They are either unaware of the brothers' political incompatibility or firmly believe that familial bonds can withstand the test of lunacy.

Nick Carter recently enjoyed a Broadway musical (not the one you're thinking of). Everyone is very excited for him.

Nick Carter recently ate an "Italian feast." No one in The Verge newsroom can figure out why Nick Carter is eating dinner alone in the first photo in this tweet, and then is magically surrounded by a dozen friends in the second, but I am so glad it happened for him. (I do not believe these people really got to eat an Italian feast with Nick Carter, but the internet has enough conspiracy theories brewing, and I needn't throw anything else into the pot today.) Carter's Twitter fans are truly tickled to know that he, too, enjoys hitting the Buca now and then.

Nick Carter is having a baby and gosh dang it, he is also having all of that baby's umbilical cord blood just in case. Everyone is truly pleased and proud of him for planning ahead.

Nick Carter made some kind of mistake. I don't know what this tweet is in reference to, but there are hundreds of replies emphatically stating that everyone very much understands that Nick is human and that everyone makes mistakes.

The love that Carter's fans have for him seems to know no bounds. While it can be goofy to love a celebrity so passionately (and vocally), it is also not something I would ever make fun of. Remembering someone you had a puppy love crush on during your peak emoting years is a nice reprieve from the actual crush of everyday adult life. We should all take any opportunity we can to feel affection toward someone who is more spiritual totem than friend, and thus unlikely to ever personally disappoint us.

loving a stranger is way easier than loving someone you have to deal with all the time

And so, briefly observing Nick Carter's fans has only deepened my love for Harry Styles, a person who has occasionally disappointed me by posting stock photos on his personal Instagram for no reason and by dating the Jenner sister I am less interested in. I hope Harry knows that I will try to be better, and that I will definitely be around on Twitter in 15 years to offer exclamatory encouragement in response to anything he might choose to pursue!

Note: Here is the only thing that I have tweeted about any of the Backstreet Boys. I am so sorry. Please be kind to future Harry, and forgive me.